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: Club M
Production: ShowLED
Location: The Netherlands
Partner: Painting with Light

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    Club M

    In this new nightclub ShowLED installed a special designed ShowLED Animation backdrop in some kind of felt. The customer preferred this type of fabric because it's more robuste than Molton fabric.

    The customer als preferred matrix placement of the LEDs instead of the standard random placement. The felt LED backdrop measures 2m x 18m and covers the area above the bar.


    ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    This advanced ShowLED Animation Video curtain features LEDs that can be individually controlled as pixels to create low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations. The ShowLED Animation starcloth produces superb picture quality.

    » ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    ShowLED Specials

    ShowLED originated as a set of components to attach to a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, cardboard, stonework, PVC and all smooth-surfaced fabrics. Its versatility makes it possible to install stars in costumes, floors, walls or ceilings and then later remove them for reuse in other projects.

    » ShowLED Specials