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Event: Meet D3
Location: Dubai, UAE
Partner: ShowTex Middle East
Photographer: Paul Macleod

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    A stunning art installation featuring over 3000 ShowLED Hybrid Pixels was the absolute showpiece during the official opening of Dubai Design District (D3).


    The "Dragon skin” interactive ceiling was made of no less than 100 mesh scales, which coloured the design district’s main street as the integrated ShowLED Animation Hybrid LEDs lit up the entire paneled roof. ShowLED controllers allowed all visitors to play with the lights and choose from over 100 colour changing variations, making them feel what design is all about!


    ShowLED Hybrid

    A new member of the ShowLED Animation family is the Hybrid. Certified waterproof, UV protected, extra powerful, energy efficient, cost effective,... Hybrid. The ideal mix between ShowLED Animation Waterproof and ShowLED Animation High Output.

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