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: Volksoper Wien
Production: Gerriets Handel and Volksoper Wien
Location: Vienna, Austria

Partner: Gerriets Handel

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    Volksoper Wien

    Our distributor for Austria, Gerriets Handel provided special designed Animation video backdrops for a clyclorama solution at the Volksoper Wien. This unusual and innovative set can be admired in the play "Antonia und der Reissteufel". The Animation LED video backdrop system is suspended in a frame with a diffuser in front of it. This way an evenly spreaded light can be achieved. The system is controlled wirelessly so the set can be moved around during the performance without any cable hindering the actors. 




    ShowLED High Output

    The ShowLED High Output system for cyclorama applications produces sublime even light distribution. Bright LEDs make it possible to produce traditional lighting effects with a mere 30cm distance between the curtain and the diffuser screen.

    » ShowLED High Output