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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Imagine a vast night sky that stretches out into the night. A sparkling constellation to decorate and frame beautiful performances and special events.The ShowLED Classic system combines blue-white LEDs with standard fabric Molton CS curtains for a dynamic star backdrop. Classic components can also be integrated into any fabric or surface.

    Festival Dos Oceanos

    What better way to celebrate the Astrology Themed 6th Edition of Lisbon's Ocean Festival than with a gorgeous display of ShowLED Classic star cloth LED curtains.

    » Festival Dos Oceanos

    Plopsaland indoor

    ShowLED installed more than 1500 square meter of custom designed ShowLED Classic LED backdrops in the new Plopsaland indoor theme park in Coevorden, the Netherlands.

    » Plopsaland indoor

    Inauguration ball

    The American presidential inauguration ball of Barack Obama featured a large scale ShowLED Classic LED starcloth backdrop as venue decoration for the evening's festivities.

    » Inauguration ball

    Winter Olympics

    ShowLED custom made Classic LED control shined at the Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremony, provided through our UK Distributor S+H Technical Support Ltd.

    » Winter Olympics