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A rainbow to the stars.
What’s the colour of fun?

The ShowLED Chameleon RGB LED star cloth system has the same features as the ShowLED Classic, but with stars in every colour. With its simple menu structure and LCD display, the controller is programmable at a glance. Choose from colour changes, twinkling effects, and chases. Chameleon starcloths are also easily DMX controlled. Chameleon components can also be integrated into any fabric or surface.

    Marie-Chantal Toupin

    Canadian ShowLED distributor Solushow supplied over 100m2 of RGB LED Chameleon starcloth curtains for a performance celebrating the relase of the new CD by Marie-Chantal Toupin.

    » Marie-Chantal Toupin

    Dubai Film Festival

    Over 40 Chameleon RGB LED starcloth curtains were supplied by ShowLED distributor ShowTex Middle East to decorate the reception area of the Dubai Film Festival.

    » Dubai Film Festival