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Event: INXS World Tour
Production: Hangman U.K
UK Exclusive Distributor:
S+H Technical Support Group
Australia Exclusive Distributor:
Show Technology Australia

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    INXS World Tour

    Hangman UK incorporated a custom ShowLED design in their recent backdrop concept for INXS’s world tour. Ciaran Gribbin, a Northern Irish rock singer and songwriter who previously worked with Snow Patrol, Madonna, and Paul McCartney is the new lead singer of one of Australia’s most popular exports. He joins INXS on a tour through South America, Australia & Europe.

    Onstage, a printed backdrop with the band’s name in the design is enhanced by an integrated ShowLED Chameleon RGB LED system. The LEDS outline the band’s name in the print, but can also be configured for colour and movement.


    ShowLED Chameleon

    The ShowLED Chameleon system offers the full colour spectrum and has 8 output channels with a maximum of 512 LEDs per controller. Given the standard density of around 5.5 LEDs per m² , one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m².

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