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: Holiday On Ice - Energia Show
Production: ShowTex Belgium
Location: European Tour

Partner: ShowTex Belgium

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    Holiday On Ice Energia

    Holiday on Ice is worldly known for its live performances on ice. Belgian scenery designer and award winner Bart Clement turned to our Belgian partner ShowTex for the Energia decor. He decided to use a very big and special designed ShowLED Chameleon LED starcloth that consists of 9 different pieces measuring 10m x 30m in total. The Chameleon LED starcloths were designed in a special way to meet the customers demand.

    The LEDs had a higher resolution in the middle of the starcloth and the resolution became less dense on the outer sides of the Chameleon LED starcloth. These unique and custom made Chameleon starcloths add that extra lighting effect to the brand new Energia show and together with the great acrobats they lift this spectacle to the highest level.


    ShowLED Chameleon

    The ShowLED Chameleon system offers the full colour spectrum and has 8 output channels with a maximum of 512 LEDs per controller. Given the standard density of around 5.5 LEDs per m² , one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m².

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