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Event: Dubai International Film Festival
Production : Tecom 
Distributor : Showtex Middle East

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    Dubai International Film Festival

    Together with the 20 pieces of ShowLED Animation 5m x 7m , ShowLED Distributor Showtex Middle East carefully mapped out about 2048 Chameleon led’s in Molton and Goblin fabric , in several hallways of about 3m hight and 40m length.


    ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    This advanced ShowLED Animation Video curtain features LEDs that can be individually controlled as pixels to create low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations. The ShowLED Animation starcloth produces superb picture quality.

    » ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    ShowLED Chameleon

    The ShowLED Chameleon system offers the full colour spectrum and has 8 output channels with a maximum of 512 LEDs per controller. Given the standard density of around 5.5 LEDs per m² , one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m².

    » ShowLED Chameleon