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    Burj Khalifa LED display

    ShowLED's ultra-bright Hybrid LED nodes cover the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, in Downtown Dubai.

    » Burj Khalifa LED display

    Dubai Design District

    A stunning art installation featuring over 3000 ShowLED Hybrid Pixels was the absolute showpiece during the official opening of Dubai Design District (D3).

    » Dubai Design District

    Dubai, NYE 2015

    ShowLED's ultra-bright Hybrid LEDs cover the tallest building in the world, launched on the New Year’s Eve Show 2015, at Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai.

    » Dubai, NYE 2015

    Nells Room Concert

    A track mounted perfectly transparent 216m2 (only 300kg approx.) ShowLED Animation WP 60 leds/m2 (12 pcs of 2m x 9m) was rolled in front stage to create a stunning depth and a 3D simulation.

    » Nells Room Concert

    Studio 100's Rox car

    For the new kids tv-show ‘ROX’ ShowLED developed custom headlights with our ‘Animation LEDs’. The headlights were to become the eyes of the car, giving it character and soul.

    » Studio 100's Rox car

    Million's Poet 5

    ShowLED High Output Animation System combined with Frost diffuser foil F-welded with invisible joints created stunning light effects for the Million's Poet 5 competition.

    » Million's Poet 5

    Dubai Film Festival

    Together with the 20 pieces of ShowLED Animation Showtex Middle East carefully mapped out about 2048 Chameleon led’s in Molton and Goblin fabric.

    » Dubai Film Festival

    Thin Lizzy on tour

    Thin Lizzy tours with the ShowLED Chameleon led Backdrop! 460 ShowLED Chameleon dmx controlled rgb led's, carefully and manually fitted onto the backdrop.

    » Thin Lizzy on tour

    Jazz Klub VIP Zagreb

    Jazz Klub VIP , Trg bana Jelačića , Zagreb opened on December 13th , and will be host to some of the world’s greatest Jazz virtuosos on a weekly basis.

    » Jazz Klub VIP Zagreb

    INXS World Tour

    A printed backdrop is enhanced by an integrated ShowLED Chameleon RGB LED system. The LEDS outline the band’s name in the print, but can also be configured for colour and movement.

    » INXS World Tour

    Roxette World Tour

    Swedish Classic Poprockers Roxette tour the world with 140m2 (4 pcs 7m x 5m) ShowLED Animation star cloth. Coming soon to a theatre near you!!

    » Roxette World Tour

    Mawazine Festival

    Animation Video backdrops from ShowLED joined the stage with some of the biggest music stars in Africa and the Middle East at the hugely popular Mawazine Festival.

    » Mawazine Festival

    Martin Solveig DJ Set

    Martin Solveig, one of the most popular new French dj/producers, performed at Belgian festival "Lokerse Feesten" in front of a 105m2 ShowLED Animation backdrop.

    » Martin Solveig DJ Set


    ShowLED Chameleon starcloths shone bright on the Eurovision stage. 800 square meters of full color RGB LED curtains featured as backdrops and lined the green room walls of the venue.

    » Eurovision

    Santana Tour

    A ShowLED backdrop decorated the Dublin O2 Arena for the kick off concert of The Carlos Santana Universal Tone Tour 2010. Over 150m2 of ShowLED Chameleon RGB starcloth was provided.

    » Santana Tour