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ShowLED components are available for every imaginable fabric surface and application.

When diffused with semi-transparent fabrics, the twinkling stars take on a subtle glow for a variety of soft lighting effects. Added to indoor and outdoor textiles, combined with digital prints and painted backdrops, or integrated into set design pieces, these LEDS are truly limitless.

    ShowLED Specials

    ShowLED originated as a set of components to attach to a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, cardboard, stonework, PVC and all smooth-surfaced fabrics. Its versatility makes it possible to install stars in costumes, floors, walls or ceilings and then later remove them for reuse in other projects.

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    ShowLED Conbox

    Classic & Chameleon curtains now share the same controller! Once RGB or Classic (unicolour) LED strings are linked to the controller, the unit will automatically switch to the respective control mode.

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    ShowLED V-box

    ShowLED controllers are plug and play and easy to control through the dmx channel on the lighting board. Animation star cloths with V-Box are compatible with all media servers or video software. No additional video controllers or converters necessary.

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