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ShowLED starcloth systems, components, and custom LED installations set industry standards for innovation and ease of use. Flexible, lightweight LED curtains are the ideal medium for classic starry sky stage backdrops, colourful venue masking and decoration, star tunnels and walls, and animated video cloths.

    ShowLED Classic

    With 8 output channels, the Classic controller is DMX compatible and offers two DMX modes, control of preset chases including minimum and maximum intensity, chase speed, and pattern behavior or full control of each individual output channel.

    » ShowLED Classic

    ShowLED Chameleon

    The ShowLED Chameleon system offers the full colour spectrum and has 8 output channels with a maximum of 512 LEDs per controller. Given the standard density of around 5.5 LEDs per m² , one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 100 m².

    » ShowLED Chameleon

    ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    This advanced ShowLED Animation Video curtain features LEDs that can be individually controlled as pixels to create low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations. The ShowLED Animation starcloth produces superb picture quality.

    » ShowLED Animation Video curtain

    ShowLED Animation Video Mesh

    Waterproof Animation LEDs open up a whole new world of lighting possibilities. Turn on the lights, outdoors! Attach LEDs to heavy duty netting or insert in water resistant banners to embrace your architecture with LED lighting or create a 3D illusion of transparency.

    » ShowLED Animation Video Mesh

    ShowLED Hybrid

    A new member of the ShowLED Animation family is the Hybrid. Certified waterproof, UV protected, extra powerful, energy efficient, cost effective,... Hybrid. The ideal mix between ShowLED Animation Waterproof and ShowLED Animation High Output.

    » ShowLED Hybrid

    ShowLED Specials

    ShowLED originated as a set of components to attach to a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, cardboard, stonework, PVC and all smooth-surfaced fabrics. Its versatility makes it possible to install stars in costumes, floors, walls or ceilings and then later remove them for reuse in other projects.

    » ShowLED Specials

    ShowLED Conbox

    Classic & Chameleon curtains now share the same controller! Once RGB or Classic (unicolour) LED strings are linked to the controller, the unit will automatically switch to the respective control mode.

    » ShowLED Conbox

    ShowLED V-box

    ShowLED controllers are plug and play and easy to control through the dmx channel on the lighting board. Animation star cloths with V-Box are compatible with all media servers or video software. No additional video controllers or converters necessary.

    » ShowLED V-box