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ShowTex Nederland

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ShowTex Nederland

The ShowTex group is the most qualitative and innovating partner for the professional event and entertainment business regarding the rental, sales and installation of retail textiles and their motion concepts.

ShowTex starts off in 1983 as Pandora, being primarily specialised in stage building and lighting. Via a natural evolution of demand and delivery, the company evolves towards theatre and event textiles, specialising in flame-retardant textiles. Since light, magic and illusion are the key factors, Pandora not only specialises in the classic theatre textiles, but also continuously strives to offer her clients innovative products and daring ideas.

When Pandora joins hands with the established values and colleague companies Beyne and Ghigny, they all add 'ShowTex' to their original names as to stress their unity in product range, quality and service.
Hang, roll, fall, blow, twinkle, pull, fly, drape… ShowTex takes on the development, realisation, rental and sales of all of these. The ShowTex products show quality and love for the profession.

Today the three companies are at your service as ShowTex België nv (originally Pandora ShowTex and Ghigny ShowTex) and ShowTex Nederland bv (originally Beyne ShowTex). Together they guarantee you over 150 years of experience and craftmanship, as well as permanent innovation and creativity: 'Inventive Showbiz Textiles & Draperies', on a national, European and world level.

Contact Person: Sandra Fischer