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ShowTex Middle East

Sharjah Airport Free Zone
Warehouse Q4-79/80
P.O. Box 120226
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 6 557 98 00
Fax: + 971 6 557 98 10

ShowTex Middle East

ShowTex Middle East, has established its own stock and made up facilities for the ShowLED product range. We stock most of our FR- fabrics and novelties, and, being located on the airport’s doorstep, allows us to fly in last minute jobs in a record time. But, of course, the main idea is to have everything on site and help you out of our Sharjah warehouse, saving you time and transport costs.

Sven Peeters, our manager on site, has been with ShowTex for more than 15 years now. He has years of practical experience in the conception and building of shows and events. Be it Fashion, Event, Trade Show, Rock and Roll or Classical Opera, Sven has been there, done it.

ShowTex works with most of the top companies on a daily basis, each day pushing back frontiers a bit further, gathering a vast experience, available to all our customers. ShowTex feels continually challenged to dream up the most astonishing projects anywhere in the world. It isn't just decoration. It's inspiration.

Our website offers you a general product overview. Next to all the products, you will find the information of the complete product group it belongs to, in order to offer you the best idea of what you can do in sales.

Contact us for more information and to receive our Product Guide.

Contact Person: Mr. Sven Peeters


Million's Poet 5

ShowLED High Output Animation System combined with Frost diffuser foil F-welded with invisible joints created stunning light effects for the Million's Poet 5 competition.

» Million's Poet 5

DIFF 2011

ShowLED Distributor Showtex Middle East carefully mapped out about 2048 Chameleon led’s in Molton and Goblin fabric , in several hallways of about 3m hight and 40m length.

» DIFF 2011

Dubai Film Festival

Together with the 20 pieces of ShowLED Animation Showtex Middle East carefully mapped out about 2048 Chameleon led’s in Molton and Goblin fabric.

» Dubai Film Festival