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Samat Rental

88 Karasai Batyr Street, 050012, Almaty

Phone: + 7 727 2582368
Fax: +7 727 2928935

Samat Rental

Samat is glad to offer you a spectrum of show equipment rent in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and all Central Asia regions. Also they are offering scenery services and styling. Sound & Acoustic systems, including back line, Theatre light equipment with moving head fixtures, static and architectural fixtures, follow spots, etc.. Video equipment including LED displays, seamless plasma video walls, projectors, projection screens, plasma monitors …Special effects – confetti, flame flashes, fog and snow generators etc.. Scenery and styling services including projects development, visualization, graphic designers work, producing and decorations assembling.

Recently Showled has chosen Samat as their Distribution/Rental partner for Kazachstan , because high-quality Showled products need high-quality partners!

Contact Person: Alexey Korenchenko